This site is dedicated to promote the Swiss Canton

Glarus and the area of Napoleons former Canton

Linth.... The LINTLAND. Situated in the center of

Europe and with scenery recogniced in its beauty by

UNESCO. Welcome to:





The special combination of tradition and progress, idyllic countryside and modern infrastructure, unspoiled settings and convivial people, arouses your curiosity.



Glarus the canton and Glarus the town situated in a fascinating narrow valley only 70 km from Zürich, easily accessible by train or car.



What makes this place so exceptional, that people return time and time again ? Do people fall in love with the language, the landscape, the people and/or the surroundings?!



I once heard a hotelmanager complain about the fact that people on purpose didn´t send postcard home from the region in order to keep it for themselves!

















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4   Spray Tan Studio in Glarus






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8 Immobilien in der Linthregion

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Work where others have vacation.

We encourage innovative buisnesses and compagnies which settle here, prosper and provide challenging job opportunities.




November 03 »

Moderm medical facilities and infrastructure. The canton hospital of Glarus meets each patient´s individual needs using traditional medicine and holistic healing methods. A place to live and grow old in.

We have our own brewery, our own spring water, our own cheese. Come visit us




November 04 »

Relaxation in the summer, fun in the winter and high power sport all year round. Life expectation amongst the highest in the world. And we have the best chocolate in the world.. not we (Switzerland) but I mean we The Linthland. Läderach






















































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